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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Body Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide to Body Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide to Body Jewellery

Body jewellery is a popular way to express yourself, enhance your appearance, and make a statement. From earrings and nose rings to belly button rings and body chains, there are countless options to choose from.

We sell body jewellery since 2008. In this ultimate guide to body jewellery, we'll explore the different types of body jewellery and offer tips on how to choose and wear them.

Types of Body Jewellery

1. Earrings: Earrings are the most common type of body jewellery, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. From simple studs to statement hoops and chandelier earrings, there is an earring style for every occasion.

2. Nose Rings: Nose rings have been a popular form of body jewellery for centuries. They come in different styles, such as studs, hoops, and septum rings, and can be made of materials like gold, silver, surgical steel and titanium.

3. Belly Button Rings: Belly button rings are a popular choice for those who want to show off their midriff. They come in different styles, such as dangling charms and simple studs, and can be made of materials like surgical steel and titanium.

4. Tongue jewellery and nipple jewellery are two unique and bold forms of body jewellery. Tongue piercings are typically placed in the centre of the tongue and can be adorned with a variety of different jewellery styles, such as barbells or rings. Nipple piercings, on the other hand, are placed on either side of the nipple and can be adorned with barbells, rings, or other decorative pieces. Both tongue and nipple jewellery can be a fun and exciting way to express yourself and add some edge to your personal style.

Choosing and Wearing Body Jewellery

1. Consider the occasion: When choosing body jewellery, it's important to consider the occasion. Some styles may be more appropriate for formal occasions, while others are better suited for casual events or everyday wear.

2. Consider your personal style: Your personal style should also play a role in your body jewellery choices. If you prefer a minimalist look, simple studs or small hoops may be more your style. If you like to make a statement, bold statement pieces may be more your speed.

3. Consider your skin sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin, it's important to choose body jewellery made from hypoallergenic materials like surgical steel or titanium to avoid irritation or allergic reactions.

4. Consider the care and maintenance required: Different types of body jewellery require different care and maintenance. Be sure to read the care instructions carefully and follow them to ensure that your body jewellery looks great and lasts as long as possible.

In Conclusion

Body jewellery is a fun and creative way to express yourself and enhance your appearance. By choosing the right style, material, and care instructions, you can enjoy your body jewellery for years to come. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a bold statement piece, there is a body jewellery style for every occasion and personal style.

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